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  One Country, Two Systems 一国两制

  One China, One Taiwan 一中一台

  Two Chinas 两个中国

  Three Direct Links (Mail, Air and Shipping Services and Trade) (两岸)直接三通

  23 Million Taiwan Compatriots 两千三百万台湾同胞

  Two Conferences (NPC and CPPCC) 两会(人大,政协)

  Three Represents 三个代表

  the Important Thought of Three Represents 三个代表重要思想

  Woman Pace-Setter 三八红旗手

  the Three Major Historical Tasks三大历史任务

  the Seven-Year Program to Help 80 Million People Out of Poverty "八七"扶贫攻坚计划

  the Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2006-2010) "十一五"计划

  the 15th central committee of the communist party of China (CPC) 第十五届中央委员会

  17th Party Congress 十七大

  the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee 十一届三中全会

  South-South Cooperation 南南合作

  North-South Dialog 南北对话

  Taiwan Independence 台独

  "Bring In" and "Going Out" "引进来"和"走出去"政策

  patriotic democratic personages爱国民主人士

  patriotic united front 爱国统一战线

  patriotism 爱国主义精神

  live and work in peace and contentment 安居乐业

  an enterprising spirit 昂扬向上的精神状态

  our compatriots in the Macao SAR (Special Administrative Region) 澳门特别行政区同胞

  hegemonism 霸权主义

  a hundred flowers blossom 百花齐放

  a hundred schools of thought contend 百家争鸣

  the stability in border areas 边疆稳定

  remote areas 边远地区

  a magnificent upsurge 波澜壮阔

  extensive and profound 博大精深

  never degenerating 不变质

  constantly better people's lives 不断提高人民生活水平

  unfair and irrational 不公正不合理

  shackles of the outdated notions 不合时宜的观念的束缚

  an inexhaustible motive force 不竭动力

  invincible 不可战胜

  an irresistible trend of history 不可阻挡的历史潮流

  not lose our bearings不迷失方向

  uneven 不平衡

  a tortuous course 不平坦的道路

  not all-inclusive 不全面的

  take resolute measures 采取果断措施

  participation in and deliberation of state affairs 参政议政

  long-term coexistence 长期共存

  long-term social stability and solidarity 长期社会安定团结

  long-term peace and order 长治久安

  honesty 诚实守信

  fully mobilize and rally充分调动和凝聚

  take shape initially 初步建立

  traditional threats to security 传统安全威胁

  creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity 创造力、凝聚力和战斗力

  system of resignation 辞职制

  proceed from our national conditions 从我国国情出发

  promote common development 促进共同发展

  promote all-round social progress 促进社会全面进步

  assuming heavy responsibilities 担当重任

  the contemporary era 当代

  masters of the country当家作主

  the wish to be the masters of our country 当家作主的愿望

  congress of party representatives 党代会

  backbone of the party 党的骨干力量

  the party's basic theory, line and program 党的基本理论、路线和纲领

  party building 党的建设

  party's progressiveness 党的先进性

  the destiny of the party and state 党和国家前途命运

  the cause of the party and state 党和国家事业

  Deng Xiaoping theory 邓小平理论

  the demise of comrade Deng Xiaoping邓小平同志逝世

  the sixth place 第六位

  the primary productive force 第一生产力

  E-government 电子政务

  mobilize the initiative 调动积极性

  equal political entities 对等的政治实体

  erroneous and dogmatic interpretation of Marxism 对马克思主义的错误和教条式的理解

  multi-tiered 多层次

  multiparty cooperation 多党合作

  diversify 多元化

  pluralistic society多元社会

  diverse forces 多种力量

  duplicate law enforcement 多重多头执法

  awareness of law 法制观念

  a country with an adequate legal system 法制国家

  a country under the rule of law 法治国家

  prosperity, stability and development 繁荣、稳定和发展

  fight against "Taiwan Independence" 反对"台独"

  oppose separation 反对分裂

  combat corruption and build a clean government 反腐倡廉

  guard against 防止

  non-traditional threats to security 非传统安全威胁

  splitting activities 分裂活动

  the objectives and tasks 奋斗目标和任务

  develop diverse forms of democracy 丰富民主形式

  trials and tribulations 风浪考验

  serve the overall interests 服务大局

  strong, prosperous, democratic and culturally advanced 富强、民主、文明

  hinterland 腹地

  reform, development and stability 改革、发展、稳定

  reform and opening-up 改革开放

  fall behind the times 落后于时代

  Marxism-Leninism 马克思列宁主义

  the basic tenets of Marxism 马克思主义基本原理

  a Marxist ruling party 马克思主义执政党

  Mao Zedong Thought 毛泽东思想

  the militia 民兵

  Democratic Progressive Party 民进党

  people's livelihood 民生

  democratic and the legal system 民主法制

  democratic management 民主管理

  prepared for both promotion and demotion 能上能下

  to alleviate rural poverty through development 农村扶贫开发

  reform of rural taxes and administrative charges 农村税费改革

  problems facing agriculture, rural areas and farmers 农业、农村和农民问题

  agriculture and rural work 农业和农村工作

  agriculture as the foundation of the economy 农业基础地位

  falsification 弄虚作假

  personnel training 培养人才

  people in financial difficulties 贫困群众

  smooth transition of power平稳过渡

  extravagance and waste 铺张浪费

  general election system 普选制

  less developed 欠发达地区

  intensify functions 强化功能

  win-win co-operation 强强联手

  power politics 强权政治

  overseas Chinese 侨胞

  overseas Chinese affairs 侨务工作

  industry and courage 勤劳勇敢

  seek common ground while shelving differences 求同存异

  regional organizations 区域性组织

  tortuous road 曲折的道路

  draw upon one another's strong points 取长补短

  yield substantial results 取得丰硕成果

  score tremendous achievements 取得巨大成就

  repeal taxes on special agricultural products 取消农业特产税

  all the party members; whole party 全党

  the crystallization of the party's collective wisdom 全党集体智慧的结晶

  all-dimensional 全方位

  the Chinese people of all nationalities; people of all ethnic groups of the country 全国各族人民

  deputy to the National People's Congress 全国人大代表

  the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference 全国政协委员会

  plenary sessions 全会

  build a well-off society in an all-round way; build a moderately prosperous society in all aspects 全面建设小康社会

  in full swing 全面展开

  divorce between powers and responsibilities 权责脱节

  the general public 群众

  People's Congresses 人大

  the standing committees 人大常委会

  NPC (National People's Congress) member 人大代表

  the spirit of the congress 人大精神

  put sb. to the best use 人尽其才

  a full display of advantages in human resources 人力资源优势得到充分发挥

  material and cultural needs of the people 人民的物质文化需要

  the people's democratic dictatorship 人民民主专政

  upgrade the texture of life for the people 人民生活更加殷实

  mass organizations 人民团体

  the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) 人民政协

  the trend of popular sentiment 人心向背

  personnel exchanges 人员往来

  treating each other with all sincerity 肝胆相照

  the high degree of unity and solidarity 高度团结统一

  a high degree of autonomy 高度自治

  hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping theory 高举邓小平理论伟大旗帜

  lofty character 高尚的品格

  high-caliber leading cadres 高素质的领导干部队伍

  shelve certain political disputes 搁置某些政治争议

  old revolutionary base areas 革命老区

  all localities and departments 各地各部门

  patriots from all walks of life 各界爱国人士

  personages of all circles 各界人士

  be well positioned, do their best and live in harmony 各尽其能、各得其所又和谐相处

  the democratic parties 各民主党派

  people's organizations 各人民团体

  attempts to split the Country 各种分裂图谋

  fundamental interests 根本利益

  workers and farmers 工人农民

  the working class in China 工人阶级队伍

  Federation of Industry and Commerce 工商联

  civil rights / civil liberties 公民权利、自由

  citizens' participation in political affairs 公民政治参与

  civic duty 公民职责

  fairness and justice 公平和正义

  civil servants 公务员

  system of public servants 公务员制度

  to consolidate and uplift 巩固和提高

  to consolidate and uplift 顾全大局

  bear in mind the overall interests 顾全大局

  the bureaucratic style of work 官僚主义作风


  a glorious page in the annals 光辉史册的一页

  brightness and progress 光明和进步

  a glorious patriotic tradition 光荣的爱国主义传统

  broad space for development 广阔的发展空间

  gather large numbers of talented people 广纳群贤

  national defense 国防

  national defense capabilities 国防实力

  a highly volatile international situation 国际局势风云变幻

  international organizations 国际性组织

  state sovereignty and security国家的主权和安全

  state-to-state relations 国家关系

  comprehensive improvement of land and resources 国土资源综合整治

  common aspirations of all peoples 国人的共同愿望

  State Council 国务院

  transitional period 过渡期

  peace, justice and progress 和平,正义,进步

  peaceful reunification 和平统一

  negotiations and peaceful reunifications 和平统一谈判

  peace and development 和平与发展


  broaden the fields of endeavor 拓宽领域

  the complete realization of the reunification of the motherland 完成祖国统一

  self-improvement 完善自己

  work with one heart and one mind 万众一心

  fine-tuning 微调

  law-breakers must be prosecuted 违法必究

  the sole criterion 唯一标准

  to safeguard world peace and promote common development 维护世界和平与促进共同发展

  health and sports undertakings 卫生体育事业

  adequate food and clothing program 温饱工程

  realm of ideology 意识形态领域

  brave difficulties 迎难而上

  support the army 拥军

  give preferential treatment to the families of servicemen and martyrs (拥军)优属

  support the government 拥政

  enjoy a lasting peace 永享太平

  the eternal soul of the army 永远不变的军魂

  accountability for neglect of supervisory duty 用人失察责任追究

  accountability for the use of the wrong person 用人失误责任追究

  optimize structure优化结构

  optimize and upgrade 优化升级

  the laws observed 有法必依

  there are laws to go by 有法可依

  supervisory function of the media 舆论监督

  share weal and woe with the people 与人民群众共命运

  advances with the times 与时代发展同步伐

  keep pace with the times 与时俱进

  with a long history behind it 源远流长

  developing amidst twists and turns 在曲折中发展

  increase understanding增加了解

  be mindful of potential danger 增强忧患意识

  strategic plan 战略部署

  strategic adjustment 战略性调整

  energetic and promising leadership 朝气蓬勃、奋发有为的领导层

  to be rectified and standardized 整顿和规范

  regularized 正规化

  government intervention 政府干预

  government organs; government institutions 政府机构

  special government allowance 政府特殊津贴

  separating the functions of government from those of institutions 政事分开

  (have) a good government and a united people 政通人和

  CPPCC committees 政协委员会

  the political and economic spheres 政治、经济领域

  old political and economic order 政治经济旧秩序

  politburo 政治局

  political situation 政治局面

  political restructuring 政治体制

  political consultation 政治协商

  political consultation system 政治协商制度

  kingpin 支撑,主要人物

  intellectuals 知识分子

  (be) better educated 知识化

  the laws strictly enforced 执法必严

  exercise the state power in the interest of the people 执政为民

  the cornerstone for its (the party's) governance 执政之基

  municipality directly under the Central Government 直辖市

  overlapping functions 职能交叉

  guiding ideology 指导思想

  the formulation of the eleventh five-year plan 制定"十一五"计划

  institutional innovation 制度创新

  running the party, state and army 治党治国治军

  intellectual support 智力支持

  the CPC (Communist Party of China) central committee 中共中央

  CCCP (Central Committee of Communist Party) 中共中央委员会

  the seventeenth national congress of the CPC 中国共产党第十七次全国代表大会

  Socialism with Chinese characteristics 中国特色社会主义事业

  all sons and daughters of the Chinese nation 中华儿女

  the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation 中华民族的伟大复兴

  the Chinese civilization 中华文明

  central and western regions 中西部地区

  central commission for discipline inspections of the CPC 中央纪委

  united front work department of CPC central committee 中央统战部

  the central committee 中央委员会

  the central government 中央政府

  loyal guards 忠诚卫士

  crucial historical junctions 重大历史关头

  significant headway 重要进展

  fetters of subjectivism and metaphysics 主观主义和形而上学的桎梏

  sovereignty and territorial integrity 主权和领土完整

  the principal contradiction 主要矛盾

  expert consulting system 专家咨询制度

  more professionally competent 专业化

  the pace of change 转变步伐

  a grand mission 庄严使命

  the allocation of resources 资源配置

  ceaseless self-improvement 自强不息

  self-governance 自治

  overall national strength 综合国力

  review our experience gained in practice 总结自己的实践经验

  blazing a new trail 走出一条新路子

  to spearhead 走在前列

  organizational supervision 组织监督

  one's home country; motherland 祖国

  national reunification; reunification of the motherland 祖国统一

  the great cause of national reunification 祖国统一大业

  the overwhelming majority of the people 最广大人民

  the broadest possible 最广泛的

  Alma Mater 母校

  bachelor's degree 学士学位

  brain drain人才流失

  Cambridge 剑桥大学

  college equivalency 大学同等学力

  degree 学位

  diploma 毕业文凭

  division 分校

  doctoral degree / Ph.D. degree 博士学位

  dropout 辍学

  eliminate illiteracy 扫盲

  generation gap 代沟

  Harvard 哈佛大学

  intercultural exchange 国际文化交流

  Jurist Master 法律硕士

  Jurum Doctor 法学博士

  life-long learning 终身学习

  master's degree 硕士学位

  MIT 麻省理工学院

  non-residential college 不提供住宿的大学

  on-the-job training 在职培训

  open universities (采用电视、广播、函授进行教学的)开放大学

  Oxford 牛津大学

  polytechnic 工艺学校,工艺的

  Princeton 美国普林斯顿大学

  qualifying examination 资格考试

  residential college 提供住宿的大学

  school dropout / leaver 辍 / 失学青少年

  self-discipline 自我约束

  self-training 自我训练

  Stanford 斯坦福大学

  study by correspondence 通过函授学习

  the Open University, UK (英国)开放大学

  tuition (fee) 学费

  UC Berkeley 加州伯克利大学

  Univ. Edinburgh 爱丁堡大学

  Univ. Munich 慕尼黑大学

  Univ. Pennsylvania 宾夕法尼亚大学

  Univ. Toronto 多伦多大学

  vocational school 职业学校

  Yale 耶鲁大学

  television and radio broadcasting university 电视广播大学

  correspondence school 函授学院

  night school for adults 成人夜校

  amateur arts / athletic school 业余艺术/体育学校

  middle / high school affiliated to… 附中

  on-the-job training course 在职进修班

  political and ideological education 政治思想教育

  to become educated through independent study 自学成才

  scholarship; fellowship; financial grant 奖学金

  a grant-aided student 领取助学金的学生

  board expenses 伙食费

  food allowance伙食补助

  Ph. D. candidate 博士生

  postdoctoral 博士后

  graduation appraisal 毕业鉴定

  graduate placement 毕业生分配

  supervisor of Ph. D. candidate / doctoral advisor 博导

  the national higher education exams for self- taught adults 自学考试

  adult education 成人教育

  update one's knowledge 充电

  elementary education 初等教育

  college town 大学城

  college community 大学社区

  associate degree 大专文凭

  mark; grade 分数

  academic record; school record 学习成绩

  transcript 成绩单

  paper(大学);thesis(研);dissertation(博) 毕业论文

  internship; field work 实习

  graduation ceremony; commencement 毕业典礼

  certificate 毕业证书

  higher education 高等教育

  the "211 Project" for higher education 高等教育"211工程"

  institution of higher education 高等学府

  comprehensive university 综合性大学

  colleges of (liberal) arts 文科院校

  college / university of science and engineering 理工科大学

  teachers' college / normal college 师范学院

  polytechnic university 工科大学

  college of agriculture 农学院

  medical school 医学院

  institute of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) 中医院

  music school 音乐学

  academy of fine arts 美术学院

  high scores and low abilities 高分低能

  (university / college) entrance examination 高考

  the college expansion plan 高校扩招

  highschool equivalency 高中同等学力

  radio and television university 广播电视大学

  National Proficiency Test of Putonghua (Mandarin) 国家普通话水平考试

  correspondence university 函授大学

  professor 教授

  associate professor 副教授

  visiting professor; guest professor 客座教授

  lecturer 讲师

  assistant 助教

  assistant for political and ideological work 辅导员

  teaching and research section / group 教研室 / 组

  pedagogy; teaching method 教学法

  education circle 教育界

  input in education 教育投入

  nine-year compulsory education九年义务教育

  take the entrance exams for postgraduate schools 考研

  extracurricular 课外的

  extracurricular activities 课外活动

  class discussion 课堂讨论

  required / compulsory course 必修课

  elective / optional course 选修课

  basic course 基础课

  specialized course 专业课

  school schedule 课程表

  seminar 研究小组;讨论会

  teaching program; syllabus 教学大纲

  period of schooling 学习年限

  record of formal schooling 学历

  school / academic year 学年

  (school) term; semester 学期

  credit 学分

  academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering 两院院士

  heuristic education 启发式教学

  hot topic 热门话题

  talents exchange 人才交流

  competition for talented people 人才战

  Business English Certificate (BEC) 商务英语证书

  academy of design 设计学院

  institute of physical culture 体育学院

  enrolment rate for children of school age 适龄儿童入学率

  to confer a degree on / to sb. / for sth. (e.g. thesis) 授予某人学位

  proportion of students entering schools of a higher grade 升学率

  (state) stipend / subsidy / financial aid (国家)助学金

  a continuous academic project that involves postgraduate and doctoral study 硕博连读

  Songjiang College Town 松江大学城

  quality-oriented education 素质教育

  cramming method of teaching 填鸭式教育

  simultaneous interpretation 同声传译

  Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 托福

  block release 脱产进修

  short-term training course 短训班

  faculty, students and staff 师生员工

  the faculty; teaching staff 教学人员

  headmaster / headmistress; principal 中、小学校长

  <美>president; <英>chancellor; vice-chancellor 大专院校校长

  dean 教务长,(系)主任

  Hope Project 希望工程

  group discussions 小组讨论

  school motto 校训

  alumnus(男); alumna(女)[pl. alumni; alumnae] 校友

  students' union / association 学生会

  extern; non-resident student 走读生

  boarder 住宿生

  auditor 旁听生

  graduate student; post-graduate (student) 研究生

  graduating student; current year's graduate 应届毕业生

  course; curriculum 课程

  campus digitalization 校园数字化

  campus culture 校园文化

  credit; credit hour 学分

  enthusiasm in learning Chinese 学汉语热

  education with record of formal schooling 学历教育

  school-ager 学龄儿童

  preschool education 学前教育

  alleviate the burden on students 学生减负

  class hour; class period 学时

  degree certificate 学位证书

  enthusiasm in learning English 学英语热

  compulsory education 义务教育

  exam-oriented education 应试教育

  optimize the teaching staff 优化教师队伍

  on-the-job doctor 在职博士生

  on-the-job postgraduate 在职研究生

  admission office 招生办公室

  enrolment and placement office 招生就业指导办公室

  work ethics 职业道德

  vocational high school 职业高中(职高)

  vocational education 职业教育

  the trimester system 三学期制

  students are admitted to be trained for pre-determined employers 定向招生

  demonstration pilot project 示范试点

  mobilize 动员

  multi-disciplinary 多学科的

  key university 重点大学

  be authorized to do 被授权

  center for post-doctoral studies 博士后科研流动站

  National Invention Prize 国家发明奖

  National Prize for Natural Sciences 国家自然科学奖

  National Prize for Progres in Science and Technology 国家科技进步奖

  symposium / seminar 学术报告会,专题讨论会

  press conference 记者招待会

  State Education Commission 国家教委

  State Statistical Bureau 国家统计局

  national expenditure on education 国家教育经费

  financial allocation 财政拨款

  job training 职业培训

  functional illiterate 职业文盲

  full-time teacher 专职教师

  recruit / introduce (foreign) talents 智力引进

  intelligence quotient (IQ) 智商

  secondary education 中等教育

  subjective initiative 主观能动性

  activity to assist the impoverished students 助学行动

  all but dissertation (ABD) 准博士

  go to study abroad at one's own expense 自费留学

  ABM (AntiBallistic Missile) 反弹道导弹

  absolutism 专制主义

  ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) 美国公民自由协会

  Affirmative Action 平权措施,平等权利政策

  a nightmarish day 噩梦般的一天

  aerosol spray (用以自卫的)喷雾剂

  air base 空军基地

  air raid 空袭

  airborne 空降部队

  air force one 美国空军一号

  air marshal 为预防劫机而在客机上设的随机军官

  aircraft carrier 航空母舰

  air piracy 劫机

  air strike 空袭

  all-out attack 全面进攻

  amendment 宪法、法案等的修正案

  anarchism 无政府主义

  anarchist 无政府主义者

  Andean Summit 安第斯集团峰会(拉美国家)

  anthrax 炭疽热

  anonymity 匿名

  armada 舰队

  armistice 停战协议

  artillery 大炮;炮兵部队

  assassination 暗杀,行刺

  asymmetrical warfare 不对等作战

  attorney general 首席检察官,司法部长

  autocracy 独裁政治,独裁政府

  axis of evil 邪恶轴心

  ballistic missile 弹道飞弹

  battalion 军营;军队

  bestial act 兽行

  bigotry 偏见、偏执、持偏见的行为(态度)

  bill 法案、议案

  Bill of Rights 权利和自由法案,(美)美国宪法前十条修正案

  biochemterrorism 生化恐怖主义

  biological weapons 生物武器

  biometrics 生物测定

  bioterrorism 生物恐怖主义

  bioterrorism preparedness 生物恐怖预防

  bipartisan [美]两党的;代表两党的;得到两党支持的

  blitz 闪电战(尤指空袭)

  body scan 人体扫描

  cabinet 内阁、政府

  capitalism 资本主义

  Camp David 位于马里兰州的总统度假地戴维营

  cannon 大炮;炮袭

  cargo planes 运输机

  carpet bomb 地毯式轰炸

  catastrophic success 灾难性胜利(指大规模、绝对性的胜利,并不是造成灾难的意思)

  casualty 伤亡人员

  cavalry 原指骑兵;现指(需要借助车辆或直升机快速移动的)突击部队

  cease-fire 停战

  censorship 审查制度

  chancellor 长官、大臣、(德国)总理

  chaos 混乱

  chemical weapons 化学武器

  chemterrorism 化学恐怖主义

  CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) 美国中央情报局

  circuit court 巡回法庭

  civil rights 公民权

  civil war 内战

  Chinook "支奴干"运输直升机(世界著名的重型运输直升机)

  cluster bomb 集束炸弹(又称子母弹)

  collapse 倒塌

  collateral damage 附带损害(尤指在冲突中无辜百姓的死亡;施瓦辛格同名电影《间接伤害》)

  collectivism 集体主义

  commander-in-chief 司令官

  commando 突击队

  Communism 共产主义

  congress (代表)大会

  Congress (美国等国的)国会,议会

  conscription 征兵,强迫征募

  conservatism 保守主义,守旧性

  conspiracy 阴谋,共谋

  the Constitution 美国宪法

  conventional disarmament 常规裁军

  counterterrorism 反恐,反暴行

  cruise missile 巡航导弹

  cyberterrorism 网络恐怖主义






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