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  上海合作组织 Shanghai Cooperation Organization

  中美战略经济对话 Sino-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue

  和而不同 harmony in diversity

  工业“三废”three industrial wastes

  保障性住房 affordable housing

  单价 unit price, price per unit, unit cost

  船上交货 Free on Board, FOB

  承运人 carrier, transport contractor

  花旗银行 Citibank, National city bank of New York

  输出港 delivery port, outport

  发展中国家 developing country

  出口价格指数 export price index

  人文交流 cultural and educational exchanges

  廉租房 low-rent house/housing 商品房 commodity house

  大型实景歌舞演出 real-scene musical extravaganza/ musical on the site

  法人 legal representative

  违法征地拆迁 illegal land requisition and demolition

  中央党校 Party School of the CPC Central Committee

  九三学社 Jiusan Society


  the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee

  国家体育运动委员会 State Physical Culture and Sports Commission

  卫生部 Ministry of Health

  最高人民法院 Supreme People’s Court

  中国工商银行 ICBC= Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

  体委 National Athletic Committee

  翻译标准 translation criteria

  体裁 types/forms of literature

  回教 Islamism

  祠堂 memorial temple

  端午节 Dragon Boat Festival

  第三产业 tertiary industry, service sector

  备用资金 reserve fund

  本土化 localization

  蹦极 bungee

  保证金 earnest money, cash deposit, bail

  被动吸烟 passive smoking

  比基尼 bikini

  闭路电视 closed-circuit television

  边缘科学 boundary science, frontier science

  贬值 depreciation, devaluation

  便携式电脑 laptop, portable computer

  便衣警察 plain-clothes man

  包装业 packing service, package industry

  兵马俑 Terra-Cotta Warriors

  保监会 Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission

  步行天桥 pedestrian overpass

  火车票实名制 real name ticket booking system

  联合国计划开发署 UNDP, United Nations Development Program

  幸福感 happiness

  小康社会 well-to-do society

  不可再生资源 non-renewable resources

  泡沫经济 bubble economy,foam economy

  通货紧缩 deflation

  财政赤字 financial deficit, fiscal deficit

  参政议政 participate in the administration and discussion of state affairs

  人才流失 brain drain

  扶贫 poverty alleviation,poverty reduction

  春蕾计划 Spring Buds Program

  网民 netizen, net citizen, cyber citizen

  局域网 LAN= local area network

  和谐共赢 harmony and coexistence;all-win harmony


  Bringing Culture, Science and Technology, Hygienic Health to the Countryside “五个一”工程 Five-one Project

  到…挂职 take a temporary post

  主任科员 Principal Staff Member

  解决民生问题 solve livelihood issues

  自主创新 independent innovation

  基层民主 democracy at the grassroots level, grass-roots democracy

  全方位外交multi-faceted diplomacy

  沿江沿边 along the Yangtze River and the borders 沿江沿边地区areas along……

  生态文明 ecological civilization, green civilization

  主要功能区 major functional zone, main functional region

  现场服务 field service

  依法行政 administration by law

  敲门砖 stepping stone to success

  汉化英语 Chinglish

  典故 allusion

  典籍英译 English Translation of Chinese Classics(ETCC)

  模拟国际会议口译 simulating International Conference interpretation

  陪同口译 escort interpreting,escort interpretation

  翻译专业硕士 MTI

  建设中国特色社会主义 building socialism with Chinese characteristics

  偏方 folk prescription

  隐婚族 Concealing-marriage clan, pseudo-singles

  增强政治和文化建设 strengthen political and cultural construction

  农家乐 agri-tourism,agritainment

  功能对等 functional equivalence

  学术翻译 academic translation

  孝道 filial duty,filial piety

  穿越剧 time-travel drama, time-travel TV series

  京沪高铁 Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway/high-speed railway

  以房养老 House-For-Pension scheme

  自主知识产权 proprietary intellectual property

  中小企业 small and medium-sized enterprises

  洗钱 money laundering

  人民币升值 appreciation of the RMB

  次贷危机 sub-prime crisis

  水土流失 water loss and soil erosion

  贸易顺差 trade surplus

  企业社会责任 Corporate Social Responsibility,CSR

  主权信用评级 sovereign credit ratings

  贩卖人口 human trafficking

  美国驻华大使 American Ambassador to China

  温室效应 greenhouse effect

  投资回报率 ROI (=return on investment)

  供应链 supply chain

  劳动密集型产业 labour-intensive industry

  防止核扩散条约 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

  广交会 Canton Fair

  上海合作组织 SCO=Shanghai Cooperation Organization 司法部 ministry of justice 国家发改委 NDRC= National Development and Reform Committee 中国译协 TAC=the Translators Association of China 中国银监会 CBRC= China Banking Regulatory Commission 亚运会 the Asian Games 创业板 GEM= growth enterprise market 通胀压力 inflationary pressure 市场定位 market positioning 三农问题 Three rural issues

  Rural issues concerning agriculture,countryside and farmers 零关税待遇 zero-tariff treatment 民事诉讼 civil action,civil suit 孙子兵法 The Art of War 史记 Shih Chi,Historical Records

  住房公积金 housing fund

  房奴 mortgage slave





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