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Child-free businesses


Nippers not wanted


The rights and wrongs of banning babies


IT IS a familiar sound. You are enjoying a quiet beerin your local watering-hole when someone starts crying. Unlike (most) adults, babies cannotseem to order a refreshing bottle without howling.


Those who visit bars to seek refuge from rugrats are fighting back. Last month Hot Bird, acraft-beer bar in Brooklyn, barred children. Its owner was fed up with parents who thoughttheir brats were entitled to VIP service despite drinking only milk. One pair of parents asked forthe music to be turned down because their five-month-old was trying to sleep. Unattendedsprogs have fallen after climbing on bar-stools. A dog bit one little girl after she petted it. Thedog-owner and the dog fled. The parents blamed the bartender.


Hot Bird is not alone. Other pubs plagued by prams have taken to excluding children. DoubleWindsor bans tots after 5pm. Union Hall, a hipster hot-spot, put a “No Strollers, Please” signon its door in 2008 (though it does allow kiddies in a few afternoons a week). Greenwood Park,which has a lovely beer garden and pitches itself as “family friendly”, closes its doors on kidsunder 21 after 7pm.


Bratophobia is not confined to New York. In January Grant Achatz, a Michelin-rated chef,complained about a crying baby in his Chicago restaurant. He could hear it crying even in thenoisy kitchen. Via Twitter, he wondered if he should ban children. Last year a Virginia sushi barbanned all diners under 18. Olde Salty, a restaurant in North Carolina, allows kiddies, but has ano-tolerance policy for screamers.

孩子恐惧症并不只在纽约。一月,一名为Grant Achatz的米其林星级厨师,抱怨一个孩子在他芝加哥的饭店里大哭。他在嘈杂的厨房里都能听到哭声。他在推特上发声,说他是否可以禁止孩子进入。去年,弗吉尼亚州的寿司店禁止18岁以下客人进入。一家位于北卡罗来纳名为Olde Salty的饭店允许孩子进入,但是不允许孩子哭闹。

Businesses that shut out children argue that parents have plenty of other places to go. In NewYork Parkslopeparents.com lists lots of kid-friendly bars and restaurants. Cinemas are usuallyaccommodating. The “cry baby matinee” at the East 86th Street Cinema, for instance, showsgrown-up movies but welcomes babies. The lights are dimmed just a little bit and the volume isnot very loud. There is even a nappy-changing table near the back.

将孩子拒之门外的商家认为,父母们有很多地方可以去。在New York Parkslopeparents.com的网站上列出了很多允许孩子进入的酒吧和餐馆。电影院通常也都是可以的。例如,在东86街电影院的“哭泣的宝贝专场”上播放给大人们看的电影,但也欢迎宝贝们去看。

Balancing the interests of parents and non-parents is hard. Families like to travel, but others onlong-haul flights want to sleep in peace. The Economist once published a wry leader advocatingchild-free zones on planes and trains. Malaysian Airlines has taken our advice: it bans infantsfrom its first-class cabins and offers child-free zones in economy in some planes. No Americanairline has followed suit.


Parents, by and large, think non-parents should grin and bear it when a wailing infant brieflydisturbs their tranquil, responsibility-free existence. It is not as if non-parents had to get upand feed the little horror four times last night. A cramped Brooklyn outlet of Barnes &Noble, a book chain, requires strollers to be left in a designated parking space on the secondfloor. Many mums are furious. Have you ever tried to hold a baby, sip a latte and read “TheGruffalo”, all at once? It's not easy.

总体而言,父母们认为非父母应当在孩子的哭闹扰乱他们安宁的时候逆来顺受,认为自己不应当承担责任。这又不是让没孩子的人晚上爬起来四次,给小坏蛋喂奶。一家位于布鲁克林狭窄道路上名为Barnes &Noble的连锁书店要求手推车需要放在二楼指定的停放区域内。许多母亲为此大发雷霆到:你们有没有试过同时抱着孩子,喝口拿铁,还要读《咕噜牛》?这太难了。

1.fight back 反击

例句:When deflated due to one who will fight back,they become scared rabbits and run off and hide.


2.fed up with 受够

例句:I get fed up with other people's greed.


3.turn down 拒绝;减少,关小

例句:Then, when their performance attracts the attention of the interviewers, they turn downany offers which come their way.


4.confine to 限制

例句:He did not confine himself to the one language.





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