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  1. 环境污染

  What is explicitly demonstrated in the above caricature is that there sits an individual by the river bank, fully equipped with a protective mask, who is fishing in the acid rain with an umbrella in his right hand. It is not difficult to notice that what he got from the highly polluted river is a fishbone rather than a real one and noxious gases are pouring into the sky continuously which is already dusky.

  What might trigger this phenomenon? Previously, it is widely admitted that the authorities concerned have failed to enact strict legislations and regulations to curb environmental detriment, which has exerted negative impact on the daily life of the average folks. Simultaneously, there is no denying that citizens lack of awareness of protecting the surroundings we are living in, which are vital to us. Ultimately, another contributory factor to this situation is that some folks are tempted by the economic motivation so that they put the environment at risk.

  Accordingly, it is imperative for us to take drastic measures to reverse this disturbing trend. To begin with, relevant laws should be made to severely punish those who deliberately destroy the environment. In addition, the awareness of the public should be cultivated that guarding the circumstance we are dwelling in is protecting our own homeland. Only by enforcing these actions, can we effectively, efficiently and eventually crack this hard nut and embrace a promising community.





  2. 水资源的循环利用

  What is vividly revealed in the picture is that water is being reused in daily life at home. After washing rice, the water can be used to wash vegetables and then clean the mop and the toilet. What a harmonious scene it is!

  It is not difficult to find that what the picture intends to express is the importance of saving and protecting resources. On the one hand, as we all know, water resource is limited and water shortage is still a serious problem threatening the existence and survival of the whole human being. On the other hand, the phenomenon of wasting water can still be easily found anywhere in our daily life. For example, water taps are frequently left on by careless users. Someone even assumes that they have the right to waste water because they pay for it and that it has nothing to do with others. In fact, so precious water is that we cannot afford to waste it. Water resource is not only indispensable in our daily life but also in the industry and agriculture. It is hard to imagine what the world would be like when there is no more water.

  It is fortunate that now the public are starting to pay attention. But, this is not adequate. As is shown in the above picture, what we need is more actions to save and protect resources! First of all, social environment is shaped by the general public, and the cultivation of conservation-minded society depends on the active involvement of every member of our society, be he old or young. Accordingly, an education campaign should be launched to call on people from all walks of life to save and protect resources. In addition, saving and protecting resources is bound up with our daily life. We, college students, should spare no efforts to save valuable energy and natural resources such as power, water, coal, gas and so on. Only by the joint efforts of the whole society can we create a real conservation-minded society.





  3. 低碳生活

  As is vividly depicted in this compelling and thought-provoking cartoon, a young boy is riding a bike instead of driving his car to the destination on the wide street on a sunny day. If we study it further, it is easy to figure out that the boy is quite eager to lead a low-carbon life for the purpose of creating a green homeland. Accordingly, what this far-reaching picture depicts (demonstrates) a common phenomenon in the contemporary society, which deserves further analysis.

  Several functions unveiled are too general and ambiguous, but the following two, at least from my perspective, could better illustrate the importance of this kind of quality. The main role I firmly believe is that a low-carbon lifestyle reduces greenhouse gases and saves resources. It lowers our exposure to chemicals and pollution. In addition, it is also widely acknowledged that walking or cycling instead of driving is a great way to improve health, fitness and well-being for the growing number of people with sedentary lifestyles, cutting the risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes at the same time as cutting carbon emissions, noise, congestion and pollution.

  According to the above analysis, we should realize the importance of living a low-carbon lifestyle and then act on it. All in all, it is high time to strengthen people’s awareness in this aspect. If we are all of one mind to put this right, there is no doubt that changes will follow.






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