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  1. 学术造假

  Emerging from the cartoon is an eye-catching scene that a professor-like man is trying to plagiarize others’ research results without doing any real experiment, while he hardly feel guilty about what he has done. Apparently, this drawing reveals the phenomenon of scholar dishonest.

  Theoretically, several reasons could trigger this “unhealthy” conduct if our authorities concerned don’t pay enough attention to it. To begin with, a host of intellectuals have a growing respect on the so-called “big event” while ignoring the value of doing academic research. Therefore, people would no longer believe what the scientists say. Since scientists are noble elites of society, then the credibility of the whole society would deteriorate and collapse if their words are unreliable. To continue, any behavior has its economic motivation, so does the performance of the character in this drawing. Chasing the higher position in university, scholars have been manipulated by “false hope” and money, since the way of “plagiarism”, all other factors being equal, can be the short-cut way to be superior in life. Consequently, no issue stands as critical to building up intellectual honesty as eliminating academic plagiarism.

  It is, accordingly, imperative for us to take certain steps to reverse this evil trend. Of all steps, to appeal to law might be the efficient way, and maybe the last way to punish those who fail to obey the code of the academic conducts. After all,our world still needs more space for the “real” scholars.





  2. 公交地铁抢座位

  What emerges into our sights is a frequent yet recurring scene happening in our daily life that there are two women of different ages rushing into the bus. And the most eye-catching feature is that both of them are in front of the same seat, yelling at each other with a terrible look and certain unbearable words.

  The meaning revealed by the picture is that it is time that we should pay more attention to the social responsibility as an individual in our society. On the one hand, not only does this positive sort of deed drives the people’s psychological and mental health, but also it exerts a strong influence on perfecting of good character of young people. On the other hand, it is the wide spread of this negative form of activity that makes it difficult to present the real, social contents but only stays in the half-hearted nature. What’s worse, what the increasingly negative behaviors brings about, to a new high, is the national loss of the construction of harmonious society.

  As for me, the type of social obligation is a special product of the economic and social development that everyone in our society should bear in mind. Therefore, I would strongly appeal to other individuals to observe the virtue and make greater contribution to our society.






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