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  英译汉时常常有必要改变表达方式,使译文通顺流畅、地道可读。这种变通技巧就是转换法(shift of perspective)。转换的形式多种多样,大体可分为7种:①词类转换,②句子成分转换,③表达方式转换,④自然语序与倒装语序转换;⑤正面表达与反面表达转换。




  (1) The cultivation of a hobby and new forms of interest is therefore a policy of first importance to a public man.因此,对于一个从事社会活动的人来讲,培养一种爱好和新的情趣方式,乃是至关重要的对策。

  (2) The Red Army Men marched on bravely against the piercing wind.红军冒着刺骨的寒风英勇前进。

  (3) All were unconscious that this experience was a test of character; and, when the first excitement was over, felt that they had done well, and deserved praise.大家都没有认识到这番经验却是一次个性的考验,最初的兴奋过去以后,又觉得自己已经干得不错了,理应受到赞扬。

  (4) He appeared at her side, breathing audibly, a moment after she reached the stop. She gazed ahead, rigid.她到车站不一会儿,他便出现在她的身旁,听见他喘息的声音。她凝视着前方,表情严峻。

  (5) Yet to both classes the need of an alternative outlook, of a change of atmosphere, of a diversion of effort, is essential.然而,对所有这两种类型的人来说,变换一下看法、改变一下环境和转换一下注意力都是最基本的需要。

  (6) …and it was on the first stage of this journey, in Kenya, that she received the news of her father's death and her own accession to the throne. ……就在此行的第一站肯尼亚,她接到了父亲去世并由她本人继承王位的消息。


  (1) The inflammation is characterized by red, swelling, fever, and pain.炎症的特点是红、肿、热、痛。

  (2) The visiting guests were escorted to the Yellow Crane Tower last Sunday.上星期天,来访的客人和陪同人员一起参观了黄鹤楼。

  (3) Our government shows great concern for the Chinese residents abroad.我国政府十分关心海外华侨。

  (4) Formality has always characterized their relationship.他们之间的关系,有一个特点,就是以礼相待。

  (5) Most US spy satellites are designed to burn up in the earth's atmosphere after completing their missions.美国绝大多数间谍卫星,按其设计,是在完成使命后,在大气层中焚毁。


  (1) He added: "I understand and respect those views, but I deeply believe in the correctness of my decision." 他还说:"我理解并尊重他们的看法,但我深信我的决定是正确的。"

  (2) They came back game and glee.他们兴高采烈地回来了。



  (1) You can always tell the somebodies from the nobodies at a cocktail party. The somebodies come late.在鸡尾酒会上人们常常可以看出大人物和无名小卒来。那些迟到的就是大人物。(主语转换为表语;谓语转换为主语)

  (2) With the fear of largely imaginary plots against his leadership, his self-confidence seemed totally to desert him.由于害怕有人阴谋推翻他的领导,他似乎完全丧失了自信。但所谓的阴谋在很大程度上是他自己假想出来的。(主语转换为宾语,宾语转换为主语)

  (3) Cheerful, efficient and warm-hearted, they will do everything to make your journey smooth and comfortable.他们乐观、能干、热情,总是想方设法使你一路上顺利舒适。(状语转换为谓语)

  (4) Her presence of mind had not completely deserted her; but she could not have trusted herself to speak.她还没有完全失去镇静,一时却又找不出话可说。(主语转换为宾语,宾语转换为主语)

  (5) This is the unexpected kind of remark that makes me like the colonel; there is a touch of rough poetry about him.正是这种出人意料的言论使我喜欢上了上校。他这个人还有那么点诗意呢。(主语转换为宾语;介词宾语转换为主语)



  (一)英语中有一些计量词,如score, dozen, decade, quarter等,在汉语中没有相应的表达方式,所以在汉译时得对其加以转换。例如:

  (1) Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand, signed the Emancipation Proclamation.


  (2) A dozen and a half aeroplanes poured out into the airport during that five minutes.


  (3) Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation.


  (4) They had a dozen children, six boys and six girls, in seventeen years.



  (1) She has been a widow only for six months.



  (2)──Is there a special rate by the month?

  ──Yes, there is a 10% discount.





  (1) Away ran the boy.男孩跑开了。

  (2) Slowly climbs the summer moon.夏天的月亮慢慢地爬上来了。


  由于思维方式的不同,英语中有些从正面表达的东西在汉语中习惯从反面来表达;而有些从反面来表达的东西在汉语中则习惯从正面来表达。因此,英译汉时常常有必要进行转换。这就是通常所说的"正说反译、反说正译"法。英语正面表达这里指的是不带否定词no, not , never否定前缀non-, in-, im-, ir-, dis-和否定后缀-less等的句子,汉语正面表达则是指不带"不"、"没"、"非"、"未"、 "否"、 "无"、 "莫"、"勿"、"别"等否定词语的句子;反之则是反面表达。


  frost-free refrigerator无霜冰箱


  Wet paint!油漆未干!

  mortally ill 不治之症

  (1) The proposal was carried by a very narrow margin.这项建议差点通不过。

  (2)We believe that the younger generation will prove worthy of our trust.我们相信,年轻一代将不会辜负我们的信任。

  (3) He went to an outdoor phone booth and dialed Chicago, then New York, then San Francisco.Silence. Silence. Silence.他到一个户外公用电话亭,先给芝加哥、又给纽约、旧金山打了电话。

  (4) As a place to live, it left much to be desired. As a secret training base for a revolutionary new plane, it was an excellent site, its remoteness effectively masking its activity.作为居住的地方,这里有许多不足之处,但作为改革性的新飞机秘密训练基地,却是非常理想的。因为它地处边陲,人们不易发觉其中的活动。

  (5) The pictures that linger in his mind, called up in a moment by such sensations as the smell of roses or of new-mown hay, are of a simpler nature.然而,萦绕心头的画面,那些一经嗅到玫瑰花香或新鲜干草的气息便会倏地闯入记忆的情景,其实并不复杂。

  (6) As he sipped his coffee, he opened a still damp morning paper; and began reading.他一面喝咖啡,一面翻开油墨未干的晨报,看了起来。

  (7) Father's attitude toward anybody who wasn't his kind used to puzzle me.以前我总不懂父亲为什么对那些脾气跟他不一样的人采取那么个态度。

  (8) Sadly, Edward died before he could see the new church, but his beautiful tomb is still there, with the tombs of the Kings and Queens of England who came after him.遗憾的是,爱德华未能看见新教堂就去世了,但是他那幽雅的坟墓和嗣后的英国国王和王后的坟墓还都留在那里。


  (1) You can't be too careful.你要特别小心。

  (2) The significance of these incidents wasn't lost on us.这些事件引起了我们的重视。

  (3) Such flights couldn't long escape notice.这类飞行迟早会被人发觉的。

  (4) The human system can hold out for a while against the gas from a leaking,damped-down coal stove, but soon after unconsciousness comes death.煤气若是从封上火的煤炉漏出,人体可以忍受一些时候,但人昏迷之后,不用很久就会死亡。

  (5) But there is another story, a family saga, that may turn out to be important to unlocking the mystery of what actually happened between Lewinsky and the President.但是,莱温斯基和总统之间究竟发生了什么事,另外一个故事,即家史,最终对解开这个谜十分重要。

  (6) Maintaining credibility requires confronting potential adversaries with the objective,unambiguous facts of our counter-balancing military capabilities, our political strengths and economic advantages, and our clear resolution to use these for our defense if necessary.保持这种可靠性需要以下客观的、明确的事实来对付潜在的对手:我们达到平衡的军事能力、我们的政治实力和经济优势以及我们必要时使用这些手段进行自卫的毫不含糊的决心。


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