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  1. be able to do sth → be capable of doing sth 能够做某事,有能力做某事

  【例句】He is perfectly able to fulfill the important task. 他完全能完成这个重要的任务。

  2. about adv. → approximately, roughly大约地

  【例句】 The New York-based media company said the cuts would affect roughly 300 of its U.S.-based employees. 这个总部位于纽约的公司称裁员将影响其在美国员工中的大约300名。

  3. agree v. → consent 同意

  【用法】agree/consent to sth,agree/consent to do sth同意、准许(做)某事

  After all, they'd never consented to genetic testing. 毕竟,他们从不同意基因测试。

  4. allow sb to do sth → enable/permit sb to do sth 使某人能够做某事

  【例句】 The widespread Internet access enables ordinary people in China to shop online. 广泛的互联网接入使中国的普通大众能够在网上购物。

  6. always adv.: → constantly总是,一直

  【例句】Regulators constantly endeavors to curb the increasingly large bubbles in real estate and stock markets. 监管机构一直在努力遏制房地产和股市中日益增大的泡沫。

  7. be bad for: → be harmful for, be damaging/detrimental /injurious to 对…有害,不利于

  【例句】Obscenity is certainly detrimental to the society either it be in the West or in the East.不管在西方还是东方,淫秽肯定对社会有害。

  8. because → due/owing to the fact (that) 因为,由于

  because of → due/owing to, on account of 因为,由于

  【例句】The school's poor exam record is largely due to the fact that it is chronically underfunded. 这个学校糟糕的考试成绩主要是因为其受到长期的投入不足。

  9. sb believe → It is sb's belief that ... 某人相信

  【例句】 It is his belief that the media can play an important role in helping this investigation reach a positive conclusion. 他相信媒体能在帮助此项调查得到一个正面的结论中担当一个重要角色。

  10. best → unparalleled, incomparable, unsurpassed, unrivalled

  【用法】当best表示“最 好的、最 佳的”时,可以用unparalleled(无与伦比的)、incomparable(不可比拟的)和unsurpassed(不可超越的)等词替换。

  11. be busy with sth → be (fully) occupied with sth 忙于某事

  be busy doing sth → be (fully) occupied (in) doing sth忙于做某事

  【例句】He's fully occupied looking after three small children. 他所有的时间都用来照顾三个小孩子了。

  12. buy v. → purchase 购买

  【用法】Where did you purchase the book? 你在哪里买到这本书的?

  13. choose sth → opt for sth 选择某物

  choose to do sth → opt to do sth 选择做某事

  【例句】After graduating he opted to take a job as a database programmer. 毕业后他选择接受一份数据库程序员的工作。

  14. choice n. → option 选择

  【用法】option for sth,option to do sth,option of doing sth

  【例句】Teenage mothers often have no option but to live with their parents. 少女妈妈常常别无选择,只能跟父母住在一起。

  15. consider sth → take sth into consideration/account 考虑到某事


  ①Environmental factors should be taken into consideration in the program.


  ②I don't think the opinion of the locals is being taken into consideration.(bbc.co.uk)


  16. danger n. → hazard


  a danger/hazard to sb/sth 对某人或物的危险;注意,in danger表示“处于危险之中”,但一般不用in hazard。

  【例句】The road ahead will be long and full of hazards.(cnn.com)


  17. dangerous adj. → hazardous 危险的,有害的


  be dangerous/hazardous for/to sb/sth 对某人或物是危险的、有害的


  ①It is now believed that the vaccine might occasionally be hazardous.(bbc.co.uk)


  ②Exposure to foreign universities can be hazardous to careers of Vietnam's young elites. (bbc.co.uk)


  ③From 1966 every packet of Winstons had carried the warning that "smoking may be hazardous to your health".(bbc.co.uk)


  18. depend on → be dependent on/upon依赖(于),对…依赖




  ①Markets are too dependent on unsustainable government stimulus.(economist.com)


  ②Contrary to popular wisdom, China's rapid growth is not hugely dependent on exports.(economist.com)


  19. easy → effortless毫不费力的


  It's an effortless way to kick the smoking habit.


  20. easily → with ease 轻易地;effortlessly 毫不费力地


  ①A horse can maintain this position effortlessly, thanks to an ability to lock its leg joints into place. (bbc.co.uk)


  ②China have recoverd from the global financial recession and can maintain its economic growth with ease.


  21. It is easy (for sb/sth) to do sth. → It takes little/no effort (for sb/sth) to do sth. (对于某人/物来说),做某事不怎么费力。


  It takes little effort for China to maintain its economic growth.


  22. make an effort to do sth 努力做某事 → pour a lot of effort into sth 对某事投入大量精力, make an endeavor to do sth(endeavor作名词)努力做某事, endeavor to do sth(endeavor作动词)努力做某事, try hard to do sth 努力做某事,try desperately to do sth 奋力做某事


  We college students should make an endeavor to promote the environmental awareness.


  23. enough (adj) →abundant, adequate, sufficient 充足的


  ①The old methods weren't adequate to meet current needs. (Collins)


  ②We need sufficient time to deal with the problem. (Longman)


  24. enough (adv) → abundantly, adequately, sufficiently 充足地


  Students must reach a sufficiently high standard to pass. (Longman)


  25. expect v. → anticipate 预见;期待


  ①We don't anticipate any problems. (Longman)


  ②Daniel was eagerly anticipating her arrival. (Longman)


  26. in the future → in the years ahead, in the years to come在将来,在未来的岁月里


  ①The trend towards urbanisation may accelerate in the years ahead due to deep structural and economic reasons.(economist.com)


  ②It is wise to focus more effectively on promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the years ahead.(economist.com)


  27. get (v.) → obtain 获得,得到


  ①He obtained a degree in physical education from Montreal's McGill University. (bbc.co.uk)


  ②The company has been able to obtain all the necessary copyright permissions. (bbc.co.uk)


  28. give → offer, provide 提供,给予


  give/offer sb sth, provide sb with sth 为某人提供某物


  ①David will be offered the job of shadow chancellor. (bbc.co.uk)


  ②We would have provided him with clothes. (bbc.co.uk)


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