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  一 语法单选

  1.​This book is about how these basic beliefs and values affect important ________ of American life.

  A) fashions

  B) frontiers

  C) facets

  D) formats

  2.​Parents often faced the ________ between doing what they felt was good for the development of the child and what they could stand by way of undisciplined noise and destructiveness.

  A) paradox

  B) junction

  C) dilemma

  D) premise

  3.​Clark felt that his ________ in one of the most dramatic medical experiments of all time was worth the suffering he underwent.

  A) apprehension

  B) appreciation

  C) presentation

  D) participation

  4.​As one of the youngest professors in the university, Miss King is certainly on the ________ of a brilliant career.

  A) threshold

  B) edge

  C) porch

  D) course

  5.​The ________ lawyer made a great impression on the jury.

  A) protecting

  B) guarding

  C) defending

  D) shielding

  6.​Very few people understood his lecture, the subject of which was very ________.

  A) dim

  B) obscure

  C) conspicuous

  D) intelligible

  7.​This movie is not ________ for children to see: it contains too much violence and too many love scenes.

  A) profound

  B) valid

  C) decent

  D) upright

  8.​Sadly, the Giant Panda is one of the many species now in danger of ________.

  A) extinction

  B) migration

  C) destruction

  D) extraction

  9.​The manager tried to wave aside these issues as ________ details that would be settled later.

  A) versatile

  B) trivial

  C) preliminary

  D) alternate

  10.​His ________ was telling him that something was wrong.

  A) intuition

  B) hypothesis

  C) inspiration

  D) sentiment

  11.​The famous scientist ________ his success to hard work.

  A) imparted

  B) granted

  C) ascribed

  D) acknowledged

  12.​It is difficult to ________ of a plan to end poverty.

  A) speculate

  B) conceive

  C) ponder

  D) reckon

  13.​Now the cheers and applause ________ in a single sustained roar.

  A) mingled

  B) concentrated

  C) assembled

  D) permeated

  14.​Improved consumer confidence is ________ to an economic recovery.

  A) crucial

  B) subordinate

  C) cumulative

  D) satisfactory

  15.​Although the body is made up of many different tissues, these tissues are arranged in an ________ and orderly fashion.

  A) incredible

  B) intricate

  C) internal

  D) initial

  16.​No longer are contributions to computer technology confined to any one country; ________ is this more true than in Europe.

  A) hardly B) little C) seldom D) nowhere

  17.​The mother didn't know who ________ for the broken glass.

  A) will blame B) to blame C) blamed D) blames

  18.​Although the national government has introduced some new laws on this subject, it is the ________ state governments which are responsible for pollution control.

  A) precisely B) primarily C) progressively D) preliminarily

  19.​He would ________ it that his son took a livelier interest in politics.

  A) see into B) see through C) see about D) see to

  20.​________ about one of the most rapidly changing countries in a ceaselessly changing world is not all easy.

  A) Being informed B) To be informing

  C) Have in formed D) Informed

  二 词义替换 Add friends wechat One one zero five five eight two six five two

  21. He remained calm in the face of the impending danger.

  A. terrific B. Trivial C. astonishing D. imminent

  22. “Holmes!” I whispered. “What on earth are you doing in this disgusting place?”

  A. humble B. Unpleasant C. underprivileged D. noisy

  23. The futility of the program resulted from poor planning.

  A. possible failure in the future

  B. ineffectiveness and uselessness

  C. blindness to its mistakes D. potential disaster

  24. Construction of the gigantic office building in this city was for years intermittent

  A. stopping and starting at intervals

  B. something that will happen soon

  C. being watched with keen interest

  D. anything that comes and goes

  25. Although many modifications have been made in it, the game known in the United States as football can be traced directly to the English game of rugby.

  A. rules B. Changes C. demands D. leagues

  26. Your silence implies countenancing his abject behavior; therefore please clarify your stand to him.

  A.supporting B.Obscuring C.concealing D.assisting

  27. The graduate committee must be in full accord in their approval of a dissertation.

  A. indecisive B. Sullen C. vocal D. unanimous

  28. We regret being unable to entertain your request for providing free boarding to 15 sportsmen for two weeks.

  A. receive B. Comply C. coincide D. consider

  29. Justices of the peace have jurisdiction over the trials of some civil suits and of criminal cases involving minor offenses.

  A. superiority B. Authority C. guidance D. consider

  30. One of the things we have to do to prevent a pandemic is to make sure people understand and know what they can do to minimize the commotion.

  A. command B. Collusion C. turmoil D. Tutelage




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