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  文凭 diplomas and certificates

  考研热 the craze for graduate school study

  应试教育 the examination-oriented education

  义务教育 compulsory education

  复合型人才 interdisciplinary talents

  文化底蕴 the rich cultural deposits

  大学生创业 the university students’ innovative undertakings

  扩招 expand enrollment

  被授予学位 be granted a an official certificate from

  高分低能 good scores but low qualities

  片面追求升学率 place undue emphasis on the proportion of students entering schools of a higher level

  退学 drop out of the school

  形成淘汰制度 frame an elimination system

  教书育人 impart knowledge and educate people

  因材施教 teach students according to their aptitude

  德才兼备 possess political integrity and professional ability

  品学兼优 be a students of fine qualities and fine scholar

  提高学生身心素质 improve the health and psychological quality

  适应社会的改变 adjust to the social changes quickly

  满足社会的急需 meet the urgent need of the society

  保护知识产权 protect the intellectual property

  才疏学浅 be wanting in ability and shallow in knowledge

  努力获得精神文明 make efforts to seek cultural and ideological progress

  减轻负担 reduce the heavy burdens

  更加有意义和丰富的生活 a more vigorous, colorful and dynamic life


  崇高职业 noble career

  白领工作 white-collar workers

  跳槽 job-hopping

  试用期 probationary period

  人才流动和双向选择 talent flow and a dual-way selection

  自由职业 freelance work

  拜金主义 money worship

  获得名利 achieve fame and wealth

  充分发挥个人的潜力 develop fully one’s potential and creativity

  实干精神 steadfast and earnest in one’s work

  工作出色 excel in one’s work

  无忧无虑 be care-free

  社会和个人的尊重 social and personal esteem

  生计问题 a bread and butter issue

  生活补助 living subsidies

  人才交流 talents exchange

  培养人才 cultivate talents

  推荐人才 recommend the virtuous and able

  人才外流 brain drain

  优化产业结构 optimize the structure

  精简人员 cut off the overstaffed offices

  提高综合素质 improve the comprehensive quality

  解决劳动就业问题 tackle the problem of labor force utilization

  砸掉大锅饭 shatter the convention of iron bowl

  坚持改革 be persistent in the reform progress

  造成失业问题 bring about the unemployment problem

  下岗人员 the laid-off workers

  自谋生路 be self-employed

  给出优惠政策 give preferential treatment

  享受失业救济金 enjoy unemployment pension

  需要安全感和生活保障 need a sense of security and guarantee of life

  劳动力短缺 shortage of manpower

  提高文化,智慧,品质修养 enhance their cultural and moral quality


  服务行业 service trade

  家用电器 household electrical appliances

  物美价廉 with low price and high quality

  售后服务 after-sale service

  旺季 during peak selling seasons

  销售渠道 distribution channel

  商标冒用 trade-mark infringement

  稳定物价 stabilize the commodity prices

  加强品牌效应 strengthen the brand effect

  提高购买力 raise the purchasing power

  保持市场的良好的秩序 keep to market in good order

  适销对路 be good for sale

  脱销 out of stock

  刺激购买欲 stimulate the desire to buy

  促销 promote sales

  超前消费 premature consumption

  有效期 term of validity

  零售价 retail price

  批发价 whole price

  紧俏商品 commodities in short supply

  假冒伪劣 forged and fake commodities


  产业结构升级 upgrade the structure of industry

  外向型经济:export-oriented economy

  企业凝聚力 the cohesive force in enterprise

  亏损企业 enterprise in the red

  创收 generate profits

  精简开支 cut down the outlay

  扭转局面 reverse the tide

  有外需 have a potential in overseas market


  杀虫剂 pesticide

  卫生环境 sanitary environment

  营养不良 malnourished

  传染病 infectious disease

  呼吸疾病 respiratory disease

  建设卫生城市 hygienic city


  立法会议 legislative sessions

  行政处罚 administrative penalty

  司法部门 enforcement apartment

  侵犯个人隐私 invasion of privacy

  修改宪法 revise the constitution

  假账 deceptive accounting

  漏税 tax evasion

  刑事诉讼 criminal proceeding

  行贿和受贿 take and offer bribes

  要求索赔 claim compensation

  目无法规 defy the law and social disciplines

  法律监督 function as a legal supervisor

  扰乱治安 disturb the social order

  建立奖励和制约机制 establish a incentive and disincentive system

  物质和精神文明建设 material and ideological progress

  精简机构 streamline government organs

  集思广益 pool ones wisdom

  扩大内需 expand the domestic demand




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